Community Health Assessment

The role of Jackson Care Connect in community health

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), like Jackson Care Connect, play a unique role in Oregon’s health care transformation. Primarily, they coordinate physical, behavioral and oral health for members of the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).

They also share responsibility with hospitals, mental health services and other organizations for the health of our community.

To help us increase our understanding of community health issues and better plan our programs and services, Jackson Care Connect partnered with the other local Coordinated Care Organizations to undertake a community health assessment.

Click here to download or read the 2013 Community Health Assessment (PDF)

Click here to download or read the 2014 Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF)

Helpful hints about the document:

  • Data sources are at the end of the document titled “data sources sheet”
  • Click in the table of contents to take you to a desired page
  • Comments from focus groups and details about format of focus groups are located in the Community Perceptions of Health section
  • The information covers Jackson and Josephine Counties and is reviewed separately.

Our Process

Community Advisory Council members helped a consultant to rank local health issues, and identify threats and opportunities for the next three years.

The consultant then gathered information from web-based and other data, from interviews with community health care leaders and from focus groups.

In 2014, based on the results of the health assessment, the Community Advisory Council identified the top health needs and created a Community Health Improvement Plan to address them. The top health needs were: perinatal, early childhood and youth at-risk. You can download and read the entire Community Health Improvement Plan by clicking on the above link.

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